Hiking in Britain

There are a host of popular walks and hikes in Britain, and a large variety of scenery from chalk cliffs to wild moorland to beautiful lakes and valleys. There are no 4000m+ mountains like in Switzerland but the lowly 1000m+ peaks certainly pack a challenge. And of course the country villages and pub walks are also plentiful too.

As well as countless day hikes, there are also a number of longer marked treks, often through spectacular scenery. These can be done much like the Alpine pass route or the Jura ridgeway by splitting them up into weekend chunks.

See the other Wikipedia links below for more ideas, including the Pennine Way, the Thames Path and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Quiraing Snowdon Cader Idris South Downs Way South West Coast Path

Hikes in detail

At the moment there are just a few hike descriptions available, including a dramatic day hike on Skye, a couple of day hikes to wild mountain summits in Wales, and a 100-mile walk along the South Downs ridgetop. There is also some information about the very long route around the south-west coast. As always, this list will be expanded with further hike descriptions as the opportunity permits.

  Name Summary    

Exploring the wild rock formations in the north of Skye


A high mountain walk climbing to the highest point in Wales. This option uses the Pyg track and Miners' track to form a loop.

Cader Idris

Another wild mountain summit, slightly lower than Snowdown but with more climb and very open panoramas in all directions.

South Downs Way

100 miles along the chalk download of Southern England from Eastbourne to Winchester.

South West Coast Path

Over 600 miles around the remote south-western coast of England, covering Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.


More info

As well as the Wikipedia pages on Long-distance footpaths in the United Kingdom and Walking in the United Kingdom, a good source of information is the National Trails website.

Or you can use a general track-sharing site such as walkingbritain.co.uk, gpsies.com or sharemyroutes.com.

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