Hiking in Germany

This section of the website, obviously still in its very early stages, will cover day hikes in Germany. For hikes in nearby Switzerland, see the Swiss hiking section.

Hike map

Here's a map of southern Germany showing (roughly) where the hikes are. The map currently only covers the south of the country because this is where the interesting Alps are - and where the majority of the covered hikes will be located. As you can see, there are currently just two hikes available, both in the Allgäu alps.

Iseler Fellhorn
  Name When Summary    

Tricky hike up to the peak of Iseler, along the border ridgetop and a long descent back to the base station.

Fellhorn  Summer

A short, medium difficulty hike along the ridgetop of the Fellhorn and back to the middle station.


Notes on the hikes

Please note that all times and prices are approximate, and may be subject to change since the hikes were researched. Particularly in Winter, the difficulty of a hike depends greatly on the current snow conditions, and can change from week to week. Use common sense and backtrack or shortcut if necessary.

The gps icon means that a GPS was used to record the hike, and so waypoints and 3d plots are available. The camera icon means that photos are available. For certain hikes there are also Kmz files provided, which you can open in Google Earth or GpsPrune to show the routes - these are indicated by the kmz icon.

Also, please feel free to share your experiences. Any additional information, corrections, suggestions and comments would be gratefully received by email - all due credit will be given.

Other links

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