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The Activity Workshop aims to provide a source of information for a wide variety of activities from the strenuous to the not-so-strenuous.

Skydiving - plummeting towards the Earth without a safety net
Helicopter flying - zooming, hovering and swooping
Paragliding - floating silently, high above the scenery
Gliding - soaring and roaring through invisible airscapes
Puzzles & Games - test your logic skills or just wage war
Electronics - construct kits and build your own gadgets
Language - ponder languages or test your foreign vocabulary
Mountain Boarding - offroad skateboards for airborne excitement
Lacrosse - two teams, two goals, armour, helmets, and funny stick things.
Land Yachting - wind-powered racing on 3 (or sometimes 2) wheels
Hiking - breathing the fresh mountain air, basking in the scenery
Website news:
the Translatinator for helping with translations of GpsPrune & Murmeli;  development of Murmeli for encrypted friend-to-friend messaging;  sensors with the raspberry pi, including an accelerometer and a 3D gesture sensor;  a new birthday reminder called Oops, Forgot;  a new Firefox addon called TheCoordinator;  version 21.3 of the GpsPrune application; 
Snow & Water
Snowboarding - floating on frozen surf, riding mountain-sized waves
Windsurfing - tacking, jibing and racing like the wind
Wakeboarding - Carving real waves with boat power
Ski touring - Skiing uphill away from the crowds
Canoeing - Riding the white water on inflatable kayaks
GPS - all GPS-related stuff including GPS experiments and coordinate files
Software - free software to download and play with
Books - a small but hopefully growing selection of ebooks

Whether you need a rush of death-defying adrenaline, a relaxing unwind from the world, or something inbetween, there should be something for you here!

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Opinion: It's easy to agree with the British Conservative Party's assessment — in order to competently cope with the current period of multiple simultaneous crises, it's vital that the country has a Prime Minister who can competently lead. Inarguable. But their argument is that now is not the right time to change leader, and I completely disagree. This comes after the current leader's disastrous handling of the PPE fiasco, the dishonesty of the wallpaper fiasco, the incompetence of the Northern Ireland Protocol fiasco, the mismanagement of the cost-of-living crisis, and the stunning disdain and contempt shown for parliament and for the British people with the multiple illegal parties, the self-serving corruption and constant deceit. The Conservatives' refusal to replace him despite all this evidence of unsuitability seems to be a damning admission that they simply do not have any candidates in their party who can show any more honesty or leadership than that.

One man who is repeatedly dishonest can be replaced, but if the party refuses to replace him, then does that mean that they can't find a single honest leader in the party?

Opinion: If the DUP are refusing to do the jobs which they were elected to do, perhaps they should step down and allow the other elected officials to do the jobs which they were elected to do. The DUP hold a great deal of responsibility for the Protocol about which they are now complaining, it is there because of the choices they made, and those that David Davis and David Frost and Boris Johnson made (who are surprisingly also complaining). It's a bit of a contrast so soon after they triumphantly announced the fantastic deal which only they could have negotiated. Whatever happened to the scornful accusations of "Project Fear" and "you just have to believe"?

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