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The Activity Workshop aims to provide a source of information for a wide variety of activities from the strenuous to the not-so-strenuous.

Skydiving - plummeting towards the Earth without a safety net
Helicopter flying - zooming, hovering and swooping
Paragliding - floating silently, high above the scenery
Gliding - soaring and roaring through invisible airscapes
Puzzles & Games - test your logic skills or just wage war
Electronics - construct kits and build your own gadgets
Language - ponder languages or test your foreign vocabulary
Via Ferrata - metal walkways and ladders high up in the cliffs
Mountain Boarding - offroad skateboards for airborne excitement
Lacrosse - two teams, two goals, armour, helmets, and funny stick things.
Land Yachting - wind-powered racing on 3 (or sometimes 2) wheels
Hiking - breathing the fresh mountain air, basking in the scenery
Website news:
version 24.2 of the GpsPrune application and its user guide, together with some metrics and three new videos;  the Translatinator for helping with translations of GpsPrune & Murmeli;  a new birthday reminder called Oops, Forgot;  two new Firefox addons called TheCoordinator and MmaBlindfoldVia Ferrata in Flims;  possibly on their way: GpsQuests;  the 2023 Advent of Code
Snow & Water
Snowboarding - floating on frozen surf, riding mountain-sized waves
Windsurfing - tacking, jibing and racing like the wind
Wakeboarding - Carving real waves with boat power
Ski touring - Skiing uphill away from the crowds
Canoeing - Riding the white water on inflatable kayaks
GPS - all GPS-related stuff including GPS experiments and coordinate files
Software - free software to download and play with
Books - a small but hopefully growing selection of ebooks

Whether you need a rush of death-defying adrenaline, a relaxing unwind from the world, or something inbetween, there should be something for you here!

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Simply select your activity level from one of the categories to get started, or use the box below to search the site using DuckDuckGo.

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Advent of Code: collecting stars in order to find the missing snow, or something :) Finished in position 1925 this year, somewhat down on last year's 1188.

UK Elections: wow.

US Presidential Immunity: So the Republican political wing of the SCOTUS thinks that President Biden should have absolute immunity for any actions he takes involving the US Military (including apparently even the assassination of his political opponents) because they would be "core duties" of his presidency. And the democrat wing of the SCOTUS thinks he shouldn't because of course it's a RADICAL reinterpretation of whether the president's power should be completely unchecked or not. But OK, given this dramatic new ruling (and rewriting of hundreds of years of history), in what ways could/should Biden exploit his new powers? For the greater good, of course ;)

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