Software ideas

The software section of the ActivityWorkshop holds a variety of software projects for free download. At the moment there are a small number of applications available, of greatly varying complexity. But this is the ideas section, where thoughts are thrown around for potential future applications — this means that the software described on these pages isn't real yet. And might never become so.


OsmWrangler is a simple command line tool for removing a set of amenity types from an OSM file. It can be used to simplify an OSM file to remove unwanted features before conversion to IMG format by mkgmap.  java cli


This isn't complete software, it's just a throwing-around of ideas for a possible application. It's a timetabler, to keep track of multiple train / tram / bus / boat timetables and let you know when the next connection is. It might be useful for finding out whether to rush out of the office for the trip home or not. But it's just an idea for now.  concept


Even lower down on the completion scale, this non-project TextRactor sprang into non-being after throwing around some ideas for OCR software, to help Project Gutenberg and their distributed proofreaders. But the wealth of existing open-source OCR software makes it a not very attractive adventure to embark on.  notgonnahappen


More ideas being thrown around, this time revolving around software development metrics. There's already a (apparently fairly widespread) tool called 'sloccount' for counting source code lines, but it's limited. So maybe there should be another kind of tool to Rock my Slocs, giving more information and more relevant information to help chart development progress.  concept


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